Dell finds a printer partner

Dell has been eyeing the printer market, and it's just inked a deal with Lexmark to create an entire line of Dell-branded inkjet and laser printers, and all the ink and supplies you'll need to go along with them. According to C|Net's coverage, there are two paths to success for Dell:
Dell could simply help Lexmark's sales, boosting the company's collective market share, which would in turn boost Dell printer revenue. Or, in a more spectacular move, Dell could use the relationship to introduce blockbuster products, such as very inexpensive color laser printers, or to give inkjet cartridges more bang for the buck, said Steve Baker, an analyst with research firm NPD Techworld.
The Inquirer is reporting that the new printers will have "features and capabilities unique to Dell," which seems to suggest that differentiation will be a key component of Dell's strategy. I don't doubt that bundling will also play a huge role, since Dell loves to pad its PCs with all sorts of discounts and incentives to buy peripherals.

Dell is also adding a line of PDAs to its peripheral mix, which makes me wonder what the PC giant will be after next.

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