3dfx: And all that could have been

There have been a number of articles about 3dfx's demise that chronicled what went on behind the scenes, and all that could have been had the former graphics pioneer not gone under. FiringSquad has a particularly interesting article on the subject, with spicy details from an inside source.
For obvious reasons our source would like to remain anonymous, but we’ve known him for quite awhile and can assure you that he is indeed legit. He will briefly go over the early days of 3dfx, before going into detail over each of the company’s products. From the original Voodoo Graphics chipset, all the way to unannounced parts such as Fearless and Mojo, it’s all covered here. So without further discussion, lets listen up to what he has to say!
There are a couple of interesting pictures thrown into the mix, and even a few screen shots of Quake III Arena running on Rampage. After a thorough /..ing, FiringSquad seems to be responding again, which is good, because this article is definitely worth checking out.
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