Bluetooth comes to Windows XP

C|Net is reporting that Microsoft is adding Bluetooth support to Windows XP.
"Microsoft believes this milestone will be a catalyst to increasing the development and use of wireless technologies--one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry," said Jim Cullinan, Windows XP lead product manager. "Mainstream availability of Bluetooth-enabled products is expected to be a boom for wireless market opportunities, and users will start to see an increasing number of Bluetooth devices available."
Bluetooth is one of those technologies that has forever been just over the horizon, but it may finally get its day in the sun. Handhelds, cellular telephones, and notebook computers are likely to be among the first to support the wireless standard en masse, but I can't help but hope it eventually gets rid of most of the clutter of wires behind my desk.

Will Bluetooth eventually make its way to mainstream desktops, or continue to languish on the fringe?

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