Creative: No P10 for desktops

Guru3D has posted an interview with Creative Labs' European brand manager, Eoin Leyden, which reveals that Creative will not be bringing the P10 graphics processor to mainstream markets. Apparently, since the P10 was designed with the workstation market, where pixel accuracy takes precedence over pixel speed, Creative has decided that the window of opportunity to be competitive on the desktop is just too small:
So ultimately the commercial realities of doing business with P10 in the desktop space were looking riskier in that even any performance lead would be short term and pricing would be under pressure from day one as NVIDIA and ATI try to deliver one another a fatal blow. Against this backdrop and in order to maintain our retail dominance in Europe we elected to continue working with NVIDIA.
ATI's Radeon 9700 Pro is a tough act to follow, and NVIDIA's NV30 won't be a slouch, either. In fact, Creative may be betting on the success of both. The Guru3D interview reveals that Creative has chosen NVIDIA to supply graphics processors, at least for European markets, and Creative's name has also been spotted on PCBs bearing ATI's Radeon 9700 Pro GPU.

It would have been nice to see an incarnation of the P10 make it to desktops, if only to give consumers one more GPU choice. However, the interview does mention that P10 technology could be used in future products aimed at different market segments, so there's no telling where it may pop up next.

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