Windows 2000 on the Xbox

— 11:38 AM on September 27, 2002

The folks behind the Xbox Linux Project have done it again, this time they've managed to get Windows 2000 up and running on Microsoft's PC-like game console. As you might expect from a group calling itself the "Xbox Linux Project," the Linux operating system was a key ingredient:

EUROPE -- September 26 2002 -- Today the Xbox Linux Project ( announced that Microsoft Windows 2000 has been successfully started and run on a Microsoft Xbox gaming console. This has been accomplished by using the Linux operating system, which already works reliably on the Xbox, as host environment. Windows has been run inside Linux with common PC virtualization software.
It's amusing that the group is using Linux as a bridge between two Microsoft products, and it's certainly an interesting hack overall. However, Microsoft recently tweaked the Xbox's hardware to render current mod chips useless, so new console owners may have a little while to wait before someone comes out with a new mod chip. Thanks to [H]ard|OCP for the tip.
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