Processor prices to remain stable for Q4

According to DigiTimes, processor prices will remain largely stable for the rest of the year, despite several new models from both AMD and Intel, some of which will even be available in retail. Both companies may be looking for higher revenues for the fourth quarter, since prices on even slower processors appear to be staying the same until 2003.

Though the official price of AMD's processors may not change, actual channel prices still look a lot different, especially for low-end processors. AMD's official price sheet sets a $114 price tag for the Athlon XP 1700+, but they can be had for as low as $59 on Pricewatch. Someone is getting deep discounts on these processors to be able to offer them at such low prices, and I have to wonder if that's partly to blame for AMD's financial position.

A $59 Athlon XP 1700+ is certainly a great deal, but I do long for another price war. Perhaps in the new year, when Barton appears, Hyper-Threading becomes more common, and Hammer looms, we'll see some real price slashing.

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