— 3:23 PM on October 8, 2002


  • K-Hardware updates AMD P-Rating article with reference text
  • EverythingUSB reports that HP unveils SOHO-directed fall printer line
  • GotApex? reviews Athlon XP 2700+ & 2400+
  • Digit-Life reviews Intel 845PE and 845GE chipsets and their competitors
  • TweakTown reviews Intel 845GE chipset
  • Overclockers New Zealand updates DDR RAM guide
  • GamePC pits GF4 MX 440-8X vs. ATI Radeon 9000 Pro
  • PenStar Systems compares Gigabyte Radeon 8500 vs. PNY GF4 Ti 4400
  • MonkeyReview reviews Bitsmodding dual CCFL
  • BlueSmoke reviews Cooler Master HSC-V62 HSF
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