Nehalem: Intel's desktop processor for 2005?

Intel is working on a new architecture to replace its Pentium 4 processor in and around 2005, but details are scarce. We do, however, know that the new chip will incorporate new power management features, and is being referred to internally as "Nehalem."

By 2005, AMD may be offering nothing but 64-bit processors, so it will be interesting to see what kind of 64-bit support Nehalem may or may not have. Unfortunately, the name "Nehalem" doesn't provide many clues; the new processor is either named after an Oregon fishing village, or an Everclear song.

Nehalem could incorporate all sorts of goodies, and I wouldn't put dual cores, x86-64, or even IA-64 support past Intel if the chip is more than two years away. What's your money on?

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