ATI to certify third-party graphics boards

X-Bit Labs is reporting that ATI has launched a new certification program to guarantee the quality of graphics boards from ATI's partners. Approved boards will carry a "Certified by ATI" logo to denote that they've passed a number of tests that include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Hardware and driver installation;
  • 12 hour 3D application test;
  • 12 hour DVD playback test;
  • Visual check of display outputs;
  • Evaluation of packaging (hardware/accessories, software, manuals, etc);
The X-bit story points out that a certification process alone won't guarantee the quality of every third-party product that reaches retail channels, even if the box does bear a "Certified by ATI" logo, but it's a good first step. For example, a visual check of display outputs is nice, but I'd rather see a more formal definition of acceptable video signal quality for all output ports.

Ideally, any tests ATI performs to certify boards should be available to the public so that consumers can validate individual boards they pick up in retail. If a board turns up out of spec, I'd expect a speedy, hassle-free replacement.

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