VIA unveils digital media platform

VIA has a new Mini-ITX motherboard aimed at digital media enthusiasts that's worth considering if you're looking at building a box for your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else where you might want something small, packed with features, and potentially very quiet. The EPIA M isn't going to set any benchmark records, but it does have support for DDR SDRAM, 5.1 channel audio, USB 2.0, Firewire, and an embedded MPEG-2 decoder that should ensure smooth video playback. Heck, they've even thrown in support for Linux in case you don't want to waste a Windows license on something you may only use to play MP3s.

Media players, low-end PCs, and personal servers seem to be logical applications for the platform, but I'm sure we'll see some more exotic projects involving the EPIA M. Personally, I could use one in the bedroom for web surfing, and another as a media/MP3 box. Where would you put one?

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