RIAA asks for a helping hand from universities

Since college and university students are, of course, too busy studying to watch TV, they're missing out on the RIAA's latest campaign to communicate the illegal nature of online music swapping. Now it appears that the RIAA, MPAA, and others expect the higher education community to make students aware of the evils of violating copyright protection. A news release over at the RIAA web site details two letters sent to educational institutions last week asking, quite nicely, for the implementation of a number of policies:
  • Inform students of their moral and legal responsibilities to respect the rights of copyright owners
  • Specify what practices are, and are not, acceptable on the institution’s digital network
  • Monitor compliance
  • Impose effective remedies against violators
The letters don't contain any threats from the RIAA, and are actually pretty civil, all things considered. The question is, will colleges and universities bite, if not to appease copyright holders, to control the use of bandwidth-sapping P2P programs on campus networks?
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