NVIDIA announces GeForce4 460 Go

I noticed over at X-bit labs that NVIDIA has let loose the GeForce4 460 Go graphics processor for notebooks. The GeForce4 460 Go is just a faster version of the existing GeForce4 Go chip running at 250 and 500MHz for the core and memory respectively, which means that hardware vertex and pixel shaders are still missing from the package.

ATI's Mobility Radeon 9000 is the GeForce4 460 Go's likely competitor in the mobile space, but the Mobility Radeon 9000's full DirectX 8.1 compatibility gives it a clear features lead over the GeForce4 Go. The GeForce4 460 Go may indeed have better performance than the Mobility Radeon 9000 in today's games and 3D applications, but future titles will undoubtedly favor the Mobility Radeon 9000's DirectX 8.1 compatibility.

Since you can't easily upgrade a notebook's GPU, it's especially important to ensure that you have the most feature-proof package your budget allows. With that in mind, and ATI's Radeon Mobility 9000 already in notebooks from Dell, HP, and others, what NVIDA really needs is a mobile chip based on the GeForce4 Titanium or potentially even NV30 technology.

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