Microsoft's ill-advised "switch" ad pulled

Microsoft has pulled an advertisement called "Confessions of a Mac to PC convert," from its web site after it was revealed that the confessions in question were paid for by Microsoft, and the picture used was a stock photograph. Redmond is insisting that the content was genuine, but it's also calling the ad a mistake in judgement.

The ad itself, which can still be accessed via Google's cache, pushes the value of Windows XP's flexibility and the wide availability of cheap hardware. I couldn't resist a smile when I read this particular line:

To my surprise, the process of switching was as easy as the marketing hype had promised. I was up and running in less than one day, Girl Scout's honor.
What was that about marketing hype and honor? I have nothing against Microsoft running its own "switch" campaign (or maybe they should call it "stay") but they should have at least run a real photo and found someone to write up a testimonial who didn't have to be paid.
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