It's a MailWasher fest!

I fired up MailWasher to check my mail just now, and all the mail was about MailWasher. First, DiMaestro sends news that MailWasher 2.0 beta is now available. Among the enhancements:
2.0 Improvements:
• Hotmail support!
• Checks multiple accounts simultaneously.
• Errors reported in digest form, rather than interrupting operation.
• Advanced bouncing options.
• Supports SMTP authentication.

2.0 Fixes:
• Many many many fixes.
Although version 1.33 worked well enough, I'm ready for the "many many many fixes." There are a few quirks to 1.33 that I could live without.

Next, if you have no idea what MailWasher is all about, Dan of Dan's Data has reviewed the program with appropriate glee over having another good tool to fight spam. Read Dan's review or just grab the latest beta and try it for yourself.

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