AOL 8.0 ditches pop-ups

C|Net is reporting that AOL will halt serving pop-up ads with their latest 8.0 release.
"AOL will not deliver any (third-party) pop-ups from AOL to our members," Miller said. "Pop-up ads aren't where we're going to go from here." The company said the new policy will improve "member experience."
Dropping pop-ups will create an advertising revenue shortfall, which AOL intends to make up through "forms of online advertising more embedded in AOL's various features." So that's what they mean by improving the member experience, a banner in every app.

I think it's great that pop-ups are finally starting to get the cold shoulder they deserve, but I fear that other forms of more annoying online advertising will soon take their place. Replacement ad formats may prove more intrusive, and more difficult to block, so we may end up worse off in the end.

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