A new planet: FileShack Mercury

I've been enjoying using FileShack to grab game demos and other files without having to put up with too many long waits, slow downloads, or annoying requirements. Now the guys at the Shack are launching a premium, subscription-based version of FileShack called Mercury. Pony up $6.95 a month—or 60 bucks a year—and you get even faster downloads, web hosting space, ad-free Shacknews, and a fondue party in your honor with sTeve, Maaaaarten, and the rest of the Shack gang. Plastic cowboy hat is optional.

Or something like that.

Anyhow, check it out. I know they have been working hard on this one, and it's good to see them taking on the big guys with a premium service. You're gonna want this when Doom III is released, if not sooner.

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