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From time to time, when we have a Friday night topic bust out into a raging debate, folks start asking how big the thread has to get to set a record. That happened again this past weekend, so I thought I'd run some numbers by you. Our biggest thread ever, of course, is The Thread That Would Not Die, which started when we first made some noise about failure problems with IBM's GXP series of hard drives. IBM has since sold off that business, but the drives are still around, and they're still failing. And people are still showing up to tell their own stores of drive failures, RMAs, second drive failures, etc. So that thread is far and away the biggest. Macs and FNTs about politics round out the list, for the most part. Here it is:
Dr. Evil asks: GXP problems? [833]

Apple aims for PC users [642]

What thinking different will get you [579]

75GXP class-action suit filed [348]

Friday night topic: What to do in the Middle East? [346]

Friday night topic: G4 benchmarks reveal truth [342]

I pledge allegiance to... [316]

Friday night topic: Invading Iraq? [313]

Microsoft leaving the Mac? [264]

Friday night topic: The Olympics [261]

Friday night topic: Euros on Guantanamo [259]

Shuttle's SV24 cube computer [251]

Friday night topic: Carter and the Nobel prize [238]

G5 rumor patrol [235]

The new iLamp... er, iMac arrives [222]

Friday night topic: A time for war [222]

I expect the discussions would be much larger if we had threading or a way for the fiercest discussions to stay easily accessible longer. Of course, there are our forums, but maybe those features will arrive at TR's news comments some time in the next year. We'll see. For now, we have a pretty good signal-to-noise ratio on most of our longer discussions, all things considered.
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