Palladium to face blocking patent

Want to stop Microsoft from using Palladium technology to enforce software licenses? Why not patent the idea? That's exactly what one hacker has done, and it just might work.
Skeptical that this was actually the case, fellow panelist Lucky Green quickly filed two patents soon after the conference. The patents described methods for using the Palladium infrastructure to assist in the enforcement of software licensing. Green has a third patent application on the way.

The twist is that Green has no intention of implementing these techniques himself -- and in an interview with Wired News, declared his intention to "aggressively enforce his patents," if granted, to prevent anyone else from doing so.

Microsoft or others may be able to challenge the patents if they can prove that they were the originators of the idea, but Microsoft may shy away from doing so because it has insisted that Palladium is meant simply to secure digital entertainment content.
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