Athlon + Asus + digital video = bonk!

TR reader Fredric Turmel writes in with a problem I have no idea how to solve. See if you can't help him out:

I have an Athlon 700 with a K7M mobo and an Asus GeForce V6600 Deluxe. I think there is a problem with the capture driver and the Athlon, because I cannot capture video without any frames lost and also THE SOUND IS NOT SYNCRO WITH THE VIDEO. It's not possible to capture a video more than 2 minutes without having the syncro problem. I tried every existing driver, tryed with three different capture software, even tried in NT4 and Windows 2000.

Another fact: I tried to capture video with my old ATI All In Wonder Pro, and you know what, I was able to capture video at 640*480 high quality with sound at 44,1khz stereo without any problem.....

Tonight I went further in my investigation, I tried the V6600 Deluxe in my old K6-2 300 with a FIC VA-503+ which normally has the ATI All In Wonder described above. After installing everything, I tried to capture video, You know what? No problem with it no frame lost AND NO SYNCRO PROBLEM.

Please advise people about this prob cause it's impossible to capture video with this card and a K7M. More tests should be done by people who have other mobos.

Remember that I even tried the card without other components in the computer (except sound card I try with 2 brands also). I wrote to Asus about 3 times and no answer.... I hope they are going to fix that with driver (new driver 3.68 from Asus put the vid card at 2X AGP).

Frederic Turmel
Montreal, Canada
(sorry about my english)

Hmm... Ya think his Athlon is just too darned fast? :) Anybody out there have any insight on this one? Post a comment if you do.
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