Gigabyte leaks Radeon 9500 specs

ATI has been tight-lipped about its upcoming Radeon 9500 graphics part, but a press release has slipped out of Gigabyte, one of their partners, that spills the beans. Well, at least some of them. Here are the specs of Gigabyte's GV-R9500:
  • Core clock: 275MHz
  • Memory clock: 550MHz
  • Memory size: 64MB
  • Memory bus width: 128-bit
  • AGP support: AGP 8X
Unfortunately, the press release doesn't clarify how many pixel pipelines the Radeon 9500 has, or the number of texture units per pipe. However, the chip's full support for DirectX 9 is confirmed, which makes the card quite a future-proof value offering.

The press release is dated October 24th, which probably indicates that ATI's official launch date for the Radeon 9500 is this coming Thursday. Perhaps, by then, we'll have clarification on all the details on ATI's new midrange chips.

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