Opteron to be featured in Cray supercomputer

AMD is betting the farm on Opteron, and now they can add supercomputer developer Cray to the list of future Opteron customers. Cray intends to build a new supercomputer using more than 10,000 of AMD's new 64-bit processors.
Cray has been selected to develop the massive parallel processing supercomputer, code-named “Red Storm.” The supercomputer is expected to be at least seven times more powerful than Sandia’s current “ASCI Red” supercomputer on Sandia’s 3D, full-physics simulation codes. The system is scheduled to be deployed in 2004.
The supercomputer is being built for the US Department of Energy's Sandia Labs, and will be used in nuclear weapon engineering simulations. In an interesting development, The Inquirer is reporting that Opteron was actually chosen over Intel's Itanium 2 processor for the following reasons:
The team liked the pipelining in Opteron, which gave them "multiple results per cycle"; they liked the 64bit architecture, and they liked the bandwidth offered by HyperTransport, which allowed them to build a more tightly coupled machine.
Score one for AMD.
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