ATI demos graphics card with DDR-2 memory

In the midst of rumors that NVIDIA's upcoming NV30 will use 1000MHz DDR-2 memory, ATI has actually demonstrated a VPU powered by DDR-2.
MARKHAM, Ontario - In a move that solidifies ATI's (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) position as the world leader in defining and implementing the latest graphics technology, ATI engineers became the first to demonstrate a visual processing unit (VPU) powered by second-generation double-data rate (DDR) dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), known as DDR-2.
What's more, they've also announced DDR-2M for mobile and midrange desktop applications.

DDR-2 will most likely make its way into a faster Radeon 9700 Pro revision, and if they keep the 256-bit memory bus, there should be gobs of memory bandwidth to go around. DDR-2M may be a little further off, but it does indicate a firm commitment from ATI to aggressively pursue mobile performance graphics, which should be encouraging for the LAN party crowd.

So, who thinks ATI will have its own Comdex announcement to spoil NVIDIA's NV30 party?

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