Digital film "processing" at the local Fotomat

Take a look at this article detailing a new venture between Eastman Kodak and Hewlett-Packard. Essentially it seems they're going to establish digital "photo labs" allowing you to bring in your digicam pics and print them out using an inkjet process. You'll also be able to e-mail your pictures to friends or add them to your web site there at the lab. The cost of the inkjet printing will be about the same cost as regular photo processing.

Not to be a cynic here, but I'm not sure how popular this whole thing is going to be. Perhaps if they're using a high-dollar inkjet printer that makes the prints look a lot better than a consumer inkjet, they can draw people in. But let's face it, nearly all of the people who own digital cameras also own computers to plug them into. And with the availability of low cost inkjet printers that produce damn good looking prints of digital photos, why go to the store for what you can do at home in your bathrobe? It would be much easier to do the e-mailing and web site editing from your house anyway. Time will tell, I suppose.

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