3DLabs's new Wildcats are here

Information on 3DLabs' new Wildcats is hitting the web, and though it doesn't look like Creative will be using 3DLabs' chips in desktop graphics products just yet, the new low-end Wildcat VP560 could give Matrox some competition:
The Wildcat VP560 ships with 64MB of 128-bi DDR SDRAM memory, dual DVI-I connectors for driving two independent analogue or digital displays, and supports a full 4GB virtual address space. The board is shipping immediately in the US and Europe through 3Dlabs extensive network of distributors, systems integrators, resellers and retailers for $249.
New high-end Wildcat 4 models targeted at professional 3D work are also coming, and a few benchmarks have popped up showcasing performance against NVIDIA's Quadro 4 900XGL
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