Matrox announces 256MB Parhelia

Matrox has officially announced a 256MB version of its Parhelia graphics card. The card will retail for a staggering $599US, and is likely to only cater to 3D professionals working with multiple displays.
Montreal, Canada, October 24th, 2002 — Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced the new Parhelia 256MB graphics board designed for the most demanding 3D workstation users in the AEC, DCC, MCAD and GIS markets. At an ESP of US $599, an unprecedented price for this memory configuration on a graphics accelerator, the Parhelia 256MB provides the ultimate in productivity and reliability, award-winning image quality and cutting-edge workstation features.
Though $599 certainly isn't cheap, Matrox does have a point. NVIDIA's Quadro4 900 XGL has only 128MB of memory, and it retails for over $900US. Granted, the Quadro's 3D performance should beat even a 256MB Parhelia.

A 256MB Parhelia will likely appeal to only a narrow market niche, but I can't help but wonder about rumors of a low-end 64MB card that could give Matrox some volume with business desktops.

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