The coming dual-channel trifecta

We've known about Intel's upcoming dual-channel DDR chipset for the Pentium 4 for some time, but now it looks like VIA and SiS are getting into the game. November should not only bring Intel's Granite Bay chipset, but also VIA's P4X600 and SiS' SiS655, both of which will feature dual-channel DDR.

Curiously, neither of VIA or SiS' immediately forthcoming Socket A chipsets have planned support for dual channel DDR. NVIDIA should have dual-channel DDR all to itself on the Socket A platform, which should only help bolster its impressive 35% OEM market share. As we saw in our Athlon XP 2800+ review, nForce is quite a bit faster than the KT400, and I can't wait for motherboards based on the chipset to really start hitting the market.

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