VIA's Pentium 4 chipsets prohibited in Germany?

There's a potentially huge story over at Bloomberg regarding VIA's squabble with Intel over a Pentium 4 chipset license. The story is unconfirmed, so far, but Intel is apparently on the record:
Hong Kong, Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, said it won a lawsuit in Germany against Taiwan's Via Technologies Inc.

``The Dusseldorf District Court has decided to prohibit the importation or sale of Via chipsets that work with Intel Pentium IV processors,'' said Josie Taylor, an Intel spokeswoman in Hong Kong.

VIA and Intel have been engaged in this chipset tussle for quite some time now, and if this German ruling stands, it could spread to other countries and decimate VIA's Pentium 4 chipset standing. With a ruling like this under its belt, a Pentium 4 license may become quite expensive for VIA, if Intel is even willing to sell them one.

We'll be keeping tabs on this story and update you when more details emerge. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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