Poll time: Switching to a small form factor PC

Our SB51G review has inspired a new poll for today, but before we get into that, let's check out last week's poll results. A whopping 58% of voters buy the majority of their computer hardware from a select few online vendors, likely ones they've built up a relationship with over time. 18% prefer small local shops, and only 15% actually use Pricewatch to seek out the lowest possible price. 4% of you actually buy hardware from big brick-and-mortar retailers, while only 1% use online auctions and buy/sell forums for the majority of their hardware purchases.

This week, we're asking about small form factor PCs. More specifically:

What do small form factor PCs need to make you want to switch?
Small form factor PCs do have their limitations, but really, what's stopping you from replacing your desktop with one? Is it the limited expansion capabilities? Is it the lack of a clear motherboard upgrade path? Let us know.
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