I spent the weekend around here—surprise!—playing around with some of the latest and greatest hardware, some of which will have to remain shrouded in a veil of secrecy for the time being. One thing I can show you is this little setup:

Click on the image for a larger version (it's like magic). Those are the makings of the RAID array for our new web server—five Atlas 10K III drives ready to go into a RAID 10 config (with one hot spare). I'd tell you more, but I promised an article on this stuff, so I'm holding back until then.

Beyond that, I've had to jettison my Asus P4T533-C as a testbed because it decided to stop working with my RDRAM modules at PC1066 speeds. I have some 32-bit PC1066 RIMMs (yes, it's a freak show here in Damage Labs) but those won't work in the "C" version of the P4T533, from what I gather. Anyhow, I'll miss the P4T533-C because it had one really interesting quirk: the CPU fan speed would go up when CPU utilization went up, then drop back down immediately when CPU load dropped. I actually could tell when a benchmark run was finished by the change in pitch of the fan noise (my bench testing work means I'm constantly bathed in fan noise). Without the fan speed change, I've got to be much more vigilant.

Random thought: Have you ever noticed that Adobe Acrobat Reader stays resident in memory once you use it, seemingly no matter what? And it uses up over 20MB of memory! I've seen this with various different versions of the Reader on several different computers. Annoying.

One more thing while I've got your attention: go visit the guys at PC PitStop and see what they've got for sale. The folks at PC PitStop are a fairly new sponsor around here, so think of them when it comes time to buy some parts. They hooked me up with a very nice specialized SCSI cable for the new server, and their selection of SCSI stuff is excellent. They also have a very good selection of cases, power supplies, coolers, and mod kits.

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