Microsoft opponents to keep fighting

Those unimpressed with last week's Microsoft ruling aren't alone; many of Microsoft's rivals have vowed to keep fighting the software giant, who they think is getting off too easy.
Sun Microsystems, one of Microsoft's harshest critics, said the states should appeal.

AOL Time Warner general counsel Paul T. Cappuccio said the ruling made "a weak settlement stronger." He said Netscape, AOL Time Warner's Web browser subsidiary, would challenge Microsoft in a pending lawsuit "designed to promote competition and deter further anticompetitive behavior."

While Microsoft's lawyers may have caught a few extra hours of sleep over the weekend, they'll likely be hard at work for some time. It's not like there's a shortage of Microsoft opponents readying legal challenges, or with proceedings already in progress.

So who has the best shot at Microsoft now? Is an appeal of Friday's ruling going to have much of an impact, or will it take challenges from the likes of Sun and AOL to win additional concessions from Redmond?

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