Nokia gets into portable gaming

I was cruising Shacknews when I noticed a link to this interesting story on Nokia's new N-Gage, a portable device that does double duty as a cell phone and a game console. The device certainly looks slick, and is designed to compete in a market currently dominated by Nintendo's GameBoy Advanced.
"The market is underdeveloped," Vanjoki said, adding that Nokia's innovations came from its position as a wireless player. The new device will allow multiple gamers to play against each other over short-range wireless Bluetooth connections or the wide-area mobile phone network.
Networked multiplayer games, whether they be on LANs or over the Internet, have already taken the PC gaming industry by storm. With consoles getting the online gaming nod from Microsoft and Sony, cell phones look like the next frontier. I'm all for it, just as long as they work call display into games so that I don't interrupt a possible new high score in Nibbles just to answer a wrong number.
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