NVIDIA releases NV30 "Fun Facts"

Some official details on NV30 have been released to an audience in Korea. You can check out the PowerPoint slideshow here for some "Fun Facts" on NV30, which raise almost as many questions as they answer.
  • Twice the performance of the GeForce4
  • Better anti-aliasing
  • Full floating point throughout the pipeline
  • More floating point power than a Cray SV-1
  • 125 million transistors
  • 3x the size of a Pentium 4 processor
So how is the anti-aliasing better? Is the performance twice that of the GeForce4 Ti 4600? 4400? 4200? Or, is the chip just faster clock for clock, which means that actual performance will depend on NV30's eventual clock speed. Final clock speeds will, of course, depend on yields.

One slide also shows NV30 as a "2H02" season product, which suggests that NVIDIA will have at least one or two available for sale before the new year, though you may have to give up an internal organ to get your hands on one.

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