Microsoft's anti-Linux campaign not working

An internal Microsoft memo commenting on that company's Linux strategy is making the rounds and C|Net has some coverages:
"Messaging that discusses possible Linux patent violations, pings the OSS (open-source software) development process for lacking accountability, attempts to call out the 'viral' aspect of the GPL (General Public License), and the like are only marginally effective in driving unfavorable opinions...and in some cases backfire," the memo states.
You can check out all the gory details in the full memo, which is a pretty interesting read.

It seems clear that much of the FUD Microsoft has spread about open source software is actually backfiring, and the memo suggests that a strategy focusing on the differences in total cost of ownership may be more effective. Then again, I'm not so sure that Microsoft really has a shot at holding back free and open source software in at least some markets.

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