NVIDIA posts losses for Q3

NVIDIA has posted its third quarter results for 2002, and despite some small revenue growth, the company is reporting a loss of $48.6 million. The loss is mostly due to a charge NVIDIA claimed for employee stock options:
The net loss for the third quarter of fiscal 2003 included a special charge of $61.8 million that resulted from the exchange of certain out-of-the-money employee stock options that had an exercise price equal to or greater than $27.00 per share for fully vested shares of the Company’s common stock.
While I don't like the GeForce4 MX's lack of DirectX 8-class hardware, the GeForce4 Ti 4200 continues to be an excellent choice for gamers on a budget. However, how competitive the GeForce4 Ti 4200 will be when Radeon 9500-based cards hit the market remains to be seen.
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