TR's newest forums arrive in style

At your request, I've added a few new forums to our already fun portfolio of goodness. Say hello to the creamy smooth Symmetric Multi Madness, where you can talk about multiprocessor systems, HyperThreading, and the joy of creamy smooth computing. Morpheus777 was instrumental in lobbying for this one, and he's agreed to moderate. Already, he's posted a quick SMP FAQ for the uninitiated. I expect interest in this stuff will soar once Intel's HyperThreading goes mainstream.

The SFF Station is home to "small-form factor PCs and the (extremely small) people who love them." We love the cubes around here, so this one is a natural. Dissonance has graciously agreed to moderate this one, no doubt in an attempt to raise his chances of getting the Shuttle SN40 review.

Finally, this one's not quite as new, but I've never announced The Developer's Den to the world, so I'll do it now. The Den will allow the programmers (and budding programmers) among us to discuss the finer points of pointers, syntax, datatypes, and.... zzz...

Sorry, nodded off there.

Anyhow, check out our newest forums in addition to the older ones. We've been running "real" forums for just under a year now, and I'm enjoying watching the community grow.

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