NVIDIA preps NV28M for notebooks

It looks like a cut down version of the GeForce4 Ti 4200 is coming to a notebook near you. The Inquirer is reporting that NVIDIA will announce the NV28M at Comdex:
The NV28M will be a declocked version of the original chip working at 200 MHz for GPU and 200 MHz for the memory and will be based on a cut down version of the TI4200.
It's not clear whether the chip will be crippled beyond its lower clock speeds, but it should be a vast improvement over the GeForce4 Go, which lacks true DirectX 8-class hardware. Dell is apparently on board to produce a notebook with the NV28M, which should make an appearance in Q1 2003 to give ATI's Mobility Radeon 9000 some competition.
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