PocketPC targets the low end

— 3:44 PM on November 11, 2002

It looks like Palm and its licensees will have new competition at the low end of the PDA market. Not only is Dell set to introduce a $199 Pocket PC this month, Microsoft is also teaming up with Samsung to produce a low-end PocketPC with a black-and-white display.

Despite being a low-end device, the Samsung PocketPC will reportedly use a 200MHz ARM processor, have 32MB of memory, and come in a smaller form factor than your average PocketPC. While it's doubtful that low-end PocketPCs will ever be able to compete on price with something like Palm's $99 Zire, the hardware on even low-end PocketPCs should make them much more versatile than low-end offerings from Palm and its licensees.

Whether the Palm or PocketPC camps can sell enough of these low-end devices to give the PDA industry a boost remains to be seen, but I'm sure at least a few students and soccer moms have them on their wish list.

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