Be goes "post PC" with BeIA

Previously known by the codename "Stinger," Be Inc. has announced BeIA, its version of the BeOS intended for "Internet appliances." In a "post-PC" fervor, Be head honcho Jean-Louis Gassée said of the launch:
"Today, consumers predominantly use general-purpose PCs to access the Internet, send and receive e-mail and conduct e-commerce transactions, but this is changing rapidly. While PCs have become an accepted tool for both work and play, for many people PCs are still viewed as complex, intimidating and unstable. They lack the 'instant on' gratification and media handling capabilities consumers have grown to expect from their home appliances such as televisions and other audio and stereo equipment," said Jean-Louis Gassée, chairman and chief executive officer of Be. "To truly make computing technology pervasive in the home, a new model for lifestyle devices is required. Our new BeIA platform is a foundation for that model."
This move may be a very good one for Be, although I have some reservations about how it will affect the OS's desktop PC ambitions. (It'll probably wreck 'em.)

Thanks to TR reader oldkenobi for the link.

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