Tyan preps 400MHz Radeon 9700 Pro

The Inquirer is reporting that Tyan's Radeon 9700 Pro-based graphics card will be unveiled next week. Unlike other manufacturers, who have generally stuck with ATI's reference design, Tyan is offering a different board layout, driver, and cooling solution that claims faster core clock speeds and improved compatibility:
The heatsink is specially designed and Tyan claims the card will clock a 400MHz core speed. The designers, Tyan said, have tweaked the board layout and the card will work with all AGP 8X chipsets, again, unlike the "other guy's".
A 400MHz core clock speed would certainly be impressive, and may have enough kick to at least partially rain on NVIDIA's NV30 parade. We'll have to wait until next week for more details, but it's nice to see at least one ATI partner offering a product that differs substantially from reference designs.
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