XScale gets extreme

In a move that should excite the wealth of "extreme" hardware sites on the web, Intel has introduced a version of its XScale processor that is designed to work in more extreme environments. X-bit Labs reports:
Intel introduced its 80200T processor based on Intel XScale technology that functions at speeds up to 733MHz while consuming less than 1.3 watts, and can operate at temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 85 degrees Celsius. This combination of performance, heat dissipation and environmental hardening make the 80200T processor practically ideal for a wide variety of applications in telematics, automotive, industrial and communications market segments where increasingly sophisticated products are designed for operation in demanding environmental situations.
The new XScales should be great for more industrial applications, though I can't think of many mainstream devices that would need to withstand such extreme environments. Still, I can't help but hope that consumer portable devices like notebooks, PDAs, digital cameras, and MP3 players become a little more rugged in the future. I'd be willing to sacrifice a little performance here and a few features there for a portable device that worked flawlessly in a downpour and wasn't afraid to take a the occasional tumble to the pavement.
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