Tech Dissonance: After the 760MPX

AMD's 760MPX chipset has basked in the adoration of SMP enthusiasts for over a year now. Dual AMD systems have become de rigeur for power users, workstation and server applications, and more. AMD deserves credit for bringing powerful SMP to a reasonable price point, but we're getting over the post-launch excitement. As the months drag on, the 760MPX is starting to look more and more, well, lacking. AMD's Athlon MPs have moved to higher clock speeds, but the 760MPX has stagnated.

Faced with continued losses and diminished resources, AMD is pouring every last bit of energy into Hammer, which is supposed to replace the 760MPX/Athlon MP platform. But Hammer is delayed, and it looks doubtful that the processor and requisite platform will make much of a meaningful appearance before the second half of next year.

A year or more ago, we couldn't get enough of AMD's dual-processor platform. Unfortunately, the 760MPX hasn't kept up with the times, and that could really hurt the Athlon MP's prospects in the coming months. Is the dual Athlon platform doomed to languish on the 760MPX, or could a savior take it to new heights?

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