Dell backs Itanium 2

While AMD touts a deal with Northeast Utility that reportedly covers tens of thousands of processors, Intel can boast that PC giant Dell will offer products based on Itanium 2.

Though no timeframe is given for the Itanium 2-based products, the move doesn't bode well for Hammer making it into Dell's lineup anytime soon:

While Marengi declined to discuss Opteron in depth, he noted that the benchmark scores of Itanium are relatively strong and that the path for adoption among corporate customers seems inevitable.

"Over time, that (Itanium) is going to be the technology that takes hold," he said. Last year he was negative on Itanium, but "this year I am in a neutral-to-positive stance," he added.

Only time will crown the winner between x86-64 and IA-64. There's probably room for the two to coexist, perhaps with even another majory 64-bit player in the mix. But, at least for now, Dell appears to be banking on Itanium.
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