Pop-ups may invade TV programming

Despite what must be an overwhelming consensus that pop-up ads are intrusive and annoying, it looks like they may be making their way to a TV near you. Executives refer to the ads as in program product sponsorship, but they're little more than a combination of pop-up and pop-over technology.
One example: As an episode of Court TV's program "Forensic Files" plays, a banner rises from the bottom of the screen with the words "Forensic Files Sponsored by Hyundai." A small graphic of a Hyundai car appears next to it. After a few seconds, the banner and graphic disappear. It's less annoying than a Web banner and pretty inconspicuous, given the trend toward news tickers that appear all over news channels these days.
If only every program would use these ads in the exact same place, I could just cover up the banner space at the bottom of my TV screen.
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