Microsoft throws in the towel?

Doesn't happen very often, does it? Still, the speculation is that, when it releases the new version of its MSN Messenger, Microsoft is going to drop interoperability with AOL's Instant Messenger software. This ZDNet article has the facts on the issue. Microsoft is claiming that AOL is blocking their attempts to make MSN Messenger work with AIM by "exposing a buffer overrun bug in their AIM client." Umm, 'kay. AOL, meanwhile, says that Microsoft is "hacking into our networks and trying to run their service on our network." Gotta say it once again: Umm, 'kay. I'm not sure either side is making much sense right now; I'm about ready for the much talked-about Instant Messenging standard to come out and end all this crap, especially since my ICQ hasn't been working right for about 3 weeks now; anybody else been having problems with the newer builds of ICQ? Drop me a line and let me know.
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