AOpen to build Desknotes

As PCs become "fast enough," portability may be a bigger reason to upgrade than raw performance. AOpen is the latest manufacturer to announce a line of Desknote portable desktop PCs. DigiTimes has the scoop:
Developed from the “DeskNote” concept introduced by Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), AOpen’s first mobile PC line is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2003. According to sources, the model to be released in January will adopt a desktop-use Pentium 4 processor, hard disk drive and memory and notebook-use, slim-type CD-ROM drive and will not offer a battery. AOpen will ship the products as barebone systems and allow SIs (system integrators) to assemble models on demand. The FOB (free on board) price for the barebone systems will be US$800.
What's particularly interesting about Desknote portable PCs is that they're generally available as barebones systems from OEMs. If you want, you can buy them without a hard drive, processor, or memory, and load them up yourself. The ability to pop in your own components makes Desknotes an even cheaper portable option, especially if you can recycle older components that you happen to have lying around.
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