ISPs consider capping bandwidth

High volume broadband users have largely enjoyed unmetered access to high speed Internet connections, but that could all change as ISPs consider metering Internet access and capping bandwidth.
Leading the way in a closely watched initiative is Bell Canada's digital subscriber line service. Acting on an idea that has floated around the industry for years, the company has put caps on the amount of bandwidth its subscribers can use each month. If subscribers go over the caps, they start paying about 80 cents extra per 100 megabytes.
Back in the day, I used to burn through bandwidth just because it was there. That was before P2P networks got big, and my ISP never bothered me. Now, my ISP is taking a closer look at my bandwidth usage, and actually threatening to enforce at least the upload cap that's mentioned in my service agreement. I suppose I can't complain, but I'm still going to miss the days of cheap, unmetered, and uncapped bandwidth.
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