Massachusetts appeals MS settlement

Not happy with the Microsoft settlement? Massachusetts feels your pain. They've decided to challenge the latest court-approved settlement, and so far, they're alone. Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly is arguing that the settlement is full of too many loopholes:
"There was nothing in the deal with Justice that will change Microsoft's business practices in any substantial way," said Reilly, a Democrat. "We are prepared to go it alone."
While I'm sure many in the tech industry would no doubt agree with Reilly, other states have elected to shift resources to enforcement, which they believe will better serve the public interest.
"Consumer interests are now best served by turning our focus to enforcement," said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.
Iowa also intends to focus its efforts on enforcement, despite their Attorney General having serious misgivings about the settlement. Is it really in the public's best interest for states to focus their efforts on enforcing the current settlement, or have they given up too easily? And to be fair, does Massachusetts really have the public's best interests in mind, or are they more concerned with the well-being of Microsoft's competitors.
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