Desknotes to be offered with separate screens

DigiTimes is reporting that ECS is ready to add a new wrinkle to its Desknote line of portable PCs in the new year. A new series of Desknotes will be launched that drop notebook-style screens in favor of discrete LCD panels that can be purchased separately. 15" and 17" LCD screens will apparently be available from ECS to start.

While separate screens could make these new Desknotes more attractive as PC replacements, I have to wonder how much portability will be lost if you can't bundle the screen and PC together neatly.

Interestingly enough, the DigiTimes story reports that the C3 and Crusoe-powered Desknotes are ECS' most popular models, despite the fact that Desknotes are available supporting much faster Pentium 4 and Athlon XP processors. That the low-power C3 and Crusoe are so popular is especially odd considering that one of the main thrusts of the Desknote design is the lack of a battery, which makes CPU power consumption a rather moot point. Could it be that Joe Sixpack finds even these low-end processors "fast enough" when they're bundled into a low-cost, portable package?

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