Details emerge for ATI's R350, 400, notebook DX9

Beyond3D's forums scooped some details on ATI's plans for upcoming chipset, desktop, and notebook parts from an online presentation by COO Dave Orton. The presentation is only about 20 minutes long, but there are a few particularly tasty morsels within.
  • R350 and a notebook DirectX 9 product will be available in the spring.
  • R400 in summer '03, sometime after July
  • ATI has a Pentium 4 bus license for another three years
  • Integrated chipsets are a new focus to target the value segment of the market
Despite the fact that the high-end and mainstream segments represent 20 and 40% of ATI's volume, respectively, the two segments represent equal volume when you factor in average selling prices. That certainly bodes well for ATI's renewed push to have the fastest high-end graphics performance, which they refer to as "capturing the flag." ATI certainly has the flag now, but how long can they hold it?
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