The end of Intel's dominance?

Van Smith sends word of this excellent article, A Titan Falls - AMD Plays David to Intel's Goliath over at THG. The article is quite pessimistic about Intel's chances of recovering from its recent stumbles. Check this out:
Willamette, Intel's true answer to the Athlon, will not be rolled out until as late as October. By that time the Athlon will have matured into three different lines supporting the low-end, mid-range and high-end/server/multi-processing markets at top clock speeds of at least 1.2 GHz. By the time the Willamette appears, the Athlon will have displaced Intel's Celeron, PIII, and Xeon offerings in all three major markets. Even the 64-bit Itanium, if available, will be trumped by faster, more flexible 32-bit Athlon multi-processing servers.
Though that's a big claim, the article backs it up with a summary and analysis recent events in Intel's processor and support chipset markets. An engaging read, whether you agree or not.
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